Egy unatkozó fényképész, aki új értelmet adott a világ legnépszerűbb építményeinek


Mindenki más és más módon igyekszik közkedveltté tenni a fényképeit. Vannak, akik a témaválasztással érzékenyek, mások a hosszú záridős fotókra esküsznek, míg Rich McCor vagy ismertebb nevén Paperboyo nemes egyszerűséggel a kivágott papírdarabkák segítségével adja hozzá azt a kis pluszt a világ legnépszerűbb építményeihez, melynek hála teljesen új értelmet nyer minden, amit eddig róluk gondoltunk. Ezt nehéz is szavakba önteni, a legjobb, ha megmutatom…

1. London, Anglia



2. Big Ben




3. Towe Bridge, London



4. Glasgow, Skócia


5. Párizs, Franciaország


6. Louvre, Párizs



7. Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, Párizs


8. Francia alpok



9. Pisa, Olaszország


10. Róma, Olaszország


11. Holland tengerészeti múzeum

12. Szabadság-szobor, USA

13. Las Vegas, USA

14. San Francisco, USA

15. Golden Gate-híd, San Francisco

After snapping this one I was walking back into town & had the whole scenario of getting lost just as my battery died. Three long weeks later I finally emerged from the dense woodland of Presidio in rags, shivering & reduced to skin and bones (I might be exaggerating). Anyway the point of this story is that after getting lost I came across a park, but this park looked like no other park. Everything looked stunning- water trickled around me down a creek, through slabs of rock and into a peaceful lake whilst perfectly placed lights conjured a glow around the setting. For a moment I thought I'd crashed someone's elaborate wedding proposal- that's how good this place looked. Turns out I'd actually stumbled onto part of the Industrial Light & Magic campus and was in George Lucas' epic 17 acre public landscape (having looked it up later I found out the part I'd come across was near the Letterman Digital Arts Center). Not a hidden gem as such but somewhere I wouldn't have intentionally come across, so the moral is- turn your phone off occasionally & go get lost. Shout out to @mr.kriss who gave me the idea for this image, go check out his super creative insta #GoldenGateBridge #SanFrancisco #AlwaysSF

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16. New York, USA

Brooklyn Bridge opened in May 1883 and enjoyed a fairly harmonious first few days, but at the end of the month disaster struck. Reports vary as to what happened exactly but it seems a woman tripping on the stairs triggered a stampede of pedestrians who thought the bridge was about to collapse. In the confusion numerous people died and many more were injured. So then the city had a problem. It had just spent $15.5 million on a bridge that the public were afraid of using. So how did they convince New Yorkers that Brooklyn Bridge was safe? They turned to circus showman P.T. Barnum who'd pitched an idea for the opening of the bridge that they'd rejected a year earlier, but now it seemed like the perfect PR stunt. So one evening in May 1884, P.T. Barnum marched 21 elephants, 7 camels, and 10 dromedaries (basically furry camels) across the illuminated arches of Brooklyn Bridge, with a gigantic seven-ton African elephant named Jumbo bringing up the rear. The Bridge's sturdiness was never called into question again #brooklynbridge #newyork #nyc #nycgo #seeyourcity #paperart

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17. Toronto, Kanada

I've got a few more Toronto images to share with you all. This one, with the CN tower, might just be my new favourite photo. The evening I took this I was on the only boat on the water as the sky danced through a spectrum of colours, each colour change transforming the water around me as well as the skyline ahead. The boat's skipper & I snapped away on our cameras, only stopping to whisper 'wow' as another colour came to the palette. I was in my element, but it was only with a bit of luck and a dash of Canadian friendliness that I'd managed to get here. I was in Toronto in June, when the islands were closed due to floods so the ferries weren't running & the water taxis were finishing in the middle of the afternoons. I'd walked down to the harbour to see if I could get out on the water for sunsets but was greeted with headshakes. Eventually I managed to turn one of those headshakes into a nod and so I have to give a shoutout to @infinitywatertaxitoronto, you're a legend. Thanks for showing me one of the very best sunsets I've seen in all of my adventures #ExploreCanada #MyCanadianAffair @ExploreCanada @airtransat #Toronto #CNTower

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18. Dubaj, Egyesült Arab Emírségek

19. Dubaj, Egyesült Arab Emírségek

20. Szingapúr

When you fly into Singapore you may notice a number of bizarre structures that sort of look like oversize golf tees reaching 25-50m in the air. They're Supertrees. Like real trees they can photosynthesise and absorb rainwater. But unlike real trees, when the sun sets the supertrees put on an epic light and sound show. I'll post a photo of what looks like soon@visit_singapore #yoursingapore #golf #teeingoff #golfball #marinabay #gardensbythebay #singapore #wow_singapore #singaporetoday #exploresingapore #singapore_city #ig_singapore #travel #architecture #architecturelovers #architectureporn #passionpassport #paperart #cutout #instasingapore #adventure #silhouette #wanderlust #paper #art #city #gardens #tree #technology

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21. Húsvét-sziget, Chile

They're rock solid in defence #EasterIsland #TableFootball #Foosball #RapaNui #IslaDePascua

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